NAMALT -The Junk Yard Dog Wants To Come Out And Play With All Y’all Virtue Signallers





Image result for virtue signalling welcome muslims

Oh look at meeee.  I’m a good virtue-signalling white person, not like all them bad whitey’s  

Not All Muslims Are Like That – Oh Yeah your prophet was a paedo


Right.  Time to let the junk yard dog [aka Dr Common Sense] off the chain for a few minutes to piss all over the virtue signallers

3.50min.  Excuse my French for a minute – Why in the f*ck are we inviting anybody to our house when we broke?  Just answer the question please?  Coz if I’m starving, if I’m broke, if I’m in debt you can’t visit me dammit.  I need to feed my own kids.  I don’t give a sh*t about islams kids

5.00min: Think I give a sh*t about that? That’s what’s wrong with ya’ll, bunch of passive white men.  That’s why our countries are getting over-run with immigrants and muslims taking over – coz ya’ll too dam passive

5.40min:  Close the f*cking border up.  When we pay off our debt then we can let some son’s of bitches in; and only ones who pledge allegiance to the flag before they get here, you don’t like the flag you ain’t bringing your ass here

6.16min  That’s what happened in the UK – They dam took over there – you know why?  Coz a bunch of passive bastards have insisted on letting islam come over and talk about sharia law

7.54min:We inviting all these people into our country, and we broke.  Then they wanna go on and guilt trip you – Some heifer asks Don’t you care about the kids?  Hell no I don’t, where they from? Take em back to where they came from.  You wanna do some missionary work? Then take your ass to Africa and do some missionary work if you want – all these fake humanitarians


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