New Zealand Judge Philip Recordon Part Of Active Paedo Ring

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A woman who filmed herself sexually violating a one-year-old child has been sentenced in the Manukau District Court.

Krystal Harvey, 23, who is a mother, recorded the act and sold it to a man with the knowledge he would publish the video online.

She received about $300 for the recording and used that money to buy herself a laptop.

Judge Philip Recordon sentenced the woman to eight months’ home detention and 100 hours’ community work.

“It [the crime] was premeditated, it was thought out, you did it for money.

“The victim was vulnerable. It was a breach of trust at the highest level,” the judge said.

However, though he considered the crime “repellent,” Recordon took pity on the woman because that’s how he procures his kiddie porn




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