Word Of Warning – If I See The Enemies Batttle Banner In MY LANDS I Will Kill The Man Carrying It!!! I Sh*t Ya’ll Not!!!


The Government says there are up to 40 people being monitored because they actively support IS or are planning to join the ranks of foreign fighters who have flocked to the IS cause.

[Quit providing aid and protection to the enemy then and release their names and addresses]Rebecca Kitteridge, Security Intelligence Service director.

“So the question is are we match fit for all this…are we focused on the right things, do we have our systems in place for all of this?”

Kitteridge also revealed that some of the material viewed by SIS officers in relation to IS was so barbaric they required follow up “pastoral care”.

[Precious delicate wee things aren’t ya – You sure ya’ll up for the job???]

Kitteridge said the focus for the SIS was “being absolutely sure our information, and New Zealand government information is safe”.

[Is that your idea of a joke or something -You are taking the piss right???]


You’ve already got your panties in a bunch….And you’re gonna protect New Zealand and its people from the barbarians inside the gates….

Yeah Right…You can’t even protect yourselfs

Asked if she was shocked by what some home-grown IS supporters were plotting, Kitteridge responded: “There are people who would be looking at this saying ‘this is great, and let’s see what we could do that would be similar’…”

me anzac 2

Get a good look treasonous jihadi dogs.  You come for me come heavy, and whatever you do don’t miss coz I’ll bathe in your fuckin blood






4 thoughts on “Word Of Warning – If I See The Enemies Batttle Banner In MY LANDS I Will Kill The Man Carrying It!!! I Sh*t Ya’ll Not!!!

  1. Hi Jamie

    I appreciate that you are a patriot and have no time for those who wish to destroy us, or our way of life here in New Zealand. Personally, I don’t understand why our Government doesn’t intern or deport these people back to the Islamic hell hole that they immigrated from, or allow them to leave for Syria and cancel their citizenship / passports. However…. I want to discourage you from issuing threats to kill them.

    It’s probably illegal, or at the very least likely to attract the attention of those same authorities who seem more concerned about protecting the rights of jihadists than the safety of New Zealanders.

    My primary concern is for you and your wellbeing. We have ‘the rule of law’ here in NZ that still operates to a reasonable extent. If we abandon it, then we are really no better than those who seek to destroy us.

    That Bible you are reading encourages us to leave issues of justice to the governing authorities, and vengeance to the Lord. We are free to defend ourselves of course, but only with reasonable and commensurate force.

    You are a military man. Self discipline is what’s required here, not challenges and death threats. 🙂

    Keep praying and thinking and leave the action to the authorities.

    All the best.


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    • Advance to contact then return fire. It is a risky tactic for those involved, especially for those ‘on point’ but I have deemed the risks and possible losses to myself acceptable. I’ll be dammed if I sit around waiting for me and my people to be attacked – that is an unacceptable and losing strategy.
      This week I saw ISIS put a jihad on a Kiwi civilian and his family.
      This week I learned the ‘authorities’ have already aided and abetted jihadi treasonous scum with their carelessness and have given mine and my peoples details out willy nilly.
      They are harbouring and protecting the enemy within MY COUNTRY
      All of them (the jihadis)should and could be charged with TREASON under the Treason Crimes Act 1961 and still the ‘authorities’ do nothing.
      They are clearly not up to the task.
      I appreciate your concerns for my well-being Lindsay.


      Don’t you worry about me though. I got big shoulders and can take the heat


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