Get Some Guts!!! In My Time I’ve Seen The Gummit Change The Drug Laws Overnight Under Urgency – So What Is The Dam Hold Up???

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So you wanna leave a legacy asshole???[Nice flag by the way – Will the troops in Iraq get a say???]

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Money grows on trees

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‘Can’t be done’ – Don’t give me that bullsh*t you hypocrite!!!

Smarten up bloke!!! This ‘War On Drugs’ is fuelling the rampant criminality taking over the streets [And where’s my ‘Mans house is his castle’ law???]

I am b*tch!!! Now stop being hysterical before I slap seven shades of sh*t outta you


Do any of the ‘adults’ even know the world your kids are growing up in???

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History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep




Don’t act like I never told ya


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