Takin’ out the trash – NZ labour party proudly associates with SOB who thinks he can run round threatening to rape peoples families

tom ‘I’m gonna rape your family’ scott



me beer

Where I come from talk like that will get you hurt




Work 1 (2)

You’ve probably never worked a day in your life you piece of sh*t. Don’t let me catch you in my hood

I got the crazy crew
You think you comin’ – I say
“Na na na”
Got the block locked up

The foes that oppose me by proxy
They try to get foxy, they try to rock me
They say they got the 40 cal glok
With the 30 round clip and they losing their damn grip

Well, I came back from Hell, so God damn fit
I’ll bust your lip, and make you strip
You can play them games
But don’t be playin’  in my park

I’ll spill a wild bill before you get out your town car
Ranting and raving, claiming you’re armed
I’ll do the hit myself and then eat a chicken parm

Mackin’ like bumpy, the business is boomin’

I’ll chop that ass up like I was Jimmy Coonan
The Westy, honey don’t test me

I got bear hugs for my Brothas (and Sistas)
And I got no love for the other mothafuckers
Come on kid, you ain’t built for this
You’ll get jacked in the ass like a sucker

“I’ll rape that mans family”, that stooge with the hat said
He changed his mind once the crack in his head bled


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