Who’s worse you decide – ‘justice’ keane as to protect murdering paedo scum or tony ‘cockroach’ robertson

Tony Robertson in the dock, facing charges for the rape and murder of Blessie Gotingco.

tony cockroach robertson was found guilty of abducting and molesting a 5-year-old girl a decade ago, a judge could have locked him up indefinitely. If he had received preventive detention then, it’s likely Auckland mum Blessie Gotingco would still be alive now. But 10 years ago, the sentencing judge opted to show mercy towards the then-teenage Robertson standing in the dock before him – in the hope he would turn his life around while behind bars and emerge a reformed man. But it didn’t happen.


‘Justice’ keane as to protect paedos. YOU PISS WEAK CUNT!!! That cockroach was caught red handed with his pants down in the act of abducting and rapeing a little girl. You had the chance to throw the book at that filthy animal – Instead you went all soft tittie on it and let that filth out to rape and murder a mother of three


Prison’s a rough place I hear…

Image result for tui yeah right

Na – job’s only half done lads

Image result for chopper reid quotes

Ask yourselves what would Uncle Chop Chop do


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