British Police to decriminalise theft and property crime – Vigilante action gets the green light – ‘Bout bloody time you little beauty

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Aww your stuff got nicked. Call someone that gives a shit

Policing report: Victims ‘asked to investigate crime themselves’

The inspector who led the review, Roger Baker, said: “It’s more a mindset, that we no longer deal with these things. And effectively what’s happened is a number of crimes are on the verge of being decriminalised.”

He added: “So it’s not the fault of the individual staff; it’s a mindset thing that’s crept in to policing to say ‘We’ve almost given up’.

Professor Craig Jackson, an expert in criminal psychology at Birmingham City University, said failing to investigate less serious crimes could cause problems.

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If you want it done properly you gotta do it yourself these days

“Many sex offenders and stalkers start out with minor crimes and low-level nuisance behaviour, such as trespass and damage of a victim’s property,” he said.

“An early opportunity to link serial crimes like this, and to therefore then prevent more serious offences being committed later, could be missed.”

Shadow policing minister Jack Dromey said the public would be “extremely alarmed” by the HMIC review.

He said: “This a damning indictment of this government’s claims to be cutting crime. In fact, what is being cut are the number of crimes investigated.”


Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you…

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