Chickenhawks to send troops to Iraq without a vote

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The divisions over Iraq are so deep Prime Minister John Key is likely to seek a Parliamentary debate without a vote,

New Zealand is poised to join the war in Iraq with the deployment of Kiwi troops to the region to train local forces

Retired Colonel Richard Hall, said settling the legal position of New Zealand troops was crucial before any deployment.

“The Status of Forces agreement gives you your legitimacy; if you don’t have one – if you take if from the ultimate end of the spectrum – you’re actually an occupying force. It’s rather like Russian soldiers turning up in New Zealand with weapons.  They have no jurisdiction, no legality to be here, no legality to wear [weapons] and shouldn’t be wearing uniforms and so on.”

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One thought on “Chickenhawks to send troops to Iraq without a vote

  1. mushroom says:

    You know, when you export oil or gold or cars to some other country, you naturally have less of it in your own country. I am somewhat surprised to find that it appears to be the same with freedom and democracy.


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