The War on Terrorism and the road to WW3 Pt1- Todays wars are fought with yesterdays tactics

Best of the Best – Tip of the spear

New Zealand’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) could be deployed to Iraq to protect Kiwi troops sent to train local forces.

PM John Key also announced plans to send a contingent of New Zealand soldiers to Iraq to train local forces but ruled out a combat role and said they would be largely confined to the classroom and “behind the perimeter” fence.

Hmmm where have I herd that one before???

The Nature of War:  Clausewitz insisted that before any conflict begins, civilian and military leaders must understand the kind of war upon which they are embarking.  A mistake in identifying the nature of the conflict can lead to defeat on the battlefield.

Question – Who armed ISIS???

ISIS military advisor John McCain

Hope our ally didn’t arm them nutcases with any of these…

Hmmm Okay

But they ain’t stupid enough to give them any of these surely???

You gotta be kidding – is this shit for real???

Made in America – Number one


“No matter how much damage we can inflict on our foes, we are vulnerable to horrendous casualties — measured in the thousands today, maybe measured in the millions tomorrow. Put simply, the United States is too high-profile and too soft to survive intact a protracted 21st-century conflict. A look back at the history of warfare reminds us of how slow national commanders have been to realize the cost of being high, wide and handsome. But now, during this reign of terror, every American is on the front line of vulnerability and all of us must learn from the mistakes of the past”

Meanwhile in Ukraine – possible evidence of US ‘advisors’ / mercs stirring the pot

Violence has a way of spinning out of control

Shit’s getting ugly



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