Why was Americas deadliest sniper Chris Kyle Murdered???

Americas deadliest sniper Chris Kyle with 160 confirmed kills


Taya Kyle, widow of slain former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, told NBCs Lester Holt on a Sunday broadcast that she believes her late husband didn’t have “all the information” about the troubled vet who shot and killed Kyle last February.

Widow Taya Kyle

Taya Kyle added that she doesn’t believe Eddie Ray Routh simply suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and that there was more to his story.

Project MKUltra Or Muslim Brotherhood, You chose – I’m having a hard time deciding

Of Chris, Taya Kyle said, “I think that he died because somebody wanted to kill him.”


Tara Kyle, the wife of murdered ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, is suing the bosses of the Texas-based tactical-training company that he co-founded in 2009.

Jobs for the lads – Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve problems

Kyle has filed a suit in Dallas County that alleges that Steven Young, the CEO of Craft International, and Bo French, the company’s COO, have conspired to ‘steal’ the company.

Boston bombings – supposed Craft operators

The suit claims that the pair stole Craft’s ‘assets, client lists, contacts, contracts, trademarks, training and operating manuals… and caused confusion in advertising services’.


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