Let’s play a game: Spot the difference – Churchill versus Cameron

Winston Churchill commanding the 6th Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1916, Western Front

 Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS,RA

Accomplishments too many to list – listed a few of the highlights

Military service in Cuba, India, Afghanistan, Sudan and Oldham, South Africa, WW1 Western Front

Led his country to victory in WW2 against the National-Socialists

Inherited the ‘Malaysia Emergency’ and achieved victory in unconventional warfare

Saw action over 50 times

Decorated scores of times

Leader of the conservative party – gave housing construction far higher political priority with an ambitious public commitment to build 300,000 new homes a year in the 1950’s, and achieved the target a year ahead of schedule

Recognised the dangers of national-socialism, communism, and radical Islam

Prolific writer of books included a novel, two biographies, three volumes of memoirs, and several histories

Over came a speech impediment

Named the greatest Briton of all Time

Largest state funeral with representatives from 112 nations – only China did not send an emissary

Also an amateur bricklayer


I drink and I smoke – got a problem with that???

David William Donald Cameron

Born 1966

Leader of the conservative party

Studied philosophy, politics and economics at university

Member of the Bullingdon Club is an exclusive but unofficial all-male students’ dining club at Oxford University, noted for its wealthy members, grand banquets and boisterous rituals, such as vandalising (‘trashing’) of restaurants and college rooms.

Defends paedophiles https://r1016132.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/paedos-in-parliament-for-we-are-opposed-around-the-world-by-a-monolithic-and-ruthless-conspiracy/

Flushed his country down the shitter


 Anyone spot the difference???


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