Chicken-hawk Gerry Brownlee Wrong Wrong Wrong Again and I am sick of it!!! Ron Mark Nails It

C-17 Globemaster – One SEXY BITCH – Price tag $2 billion – Ouchh

A sexy bitch like that is outta your league Fat Boi – You gotta pay to play

NZ1st Ron ‘BADASS’ Mark [spent 15 years in the NZ Army – joined at the ripe old age of 16] tells Fat Boi you’re dreaming you chicken hawk

A full report of Ron Marks extensive military career and life accomplishments can be found here…

At age 16, he joined the Army as a soldier apprentice mechanic and served 15 years there, some with the Special Air Service, and spent 13 months on a peacekeeping mission in Israel and Egypt

“For five years, Mark soldiered with the Sultanate of Oman’s land forces in the Dhofar and retired as a major in 1990.”

The bloke worked his way up from Private to Major – RESPECT!!!

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I’ll break it down for Y’all

“There is no way we could justify the $US2 billion price tag to replace our Hercules fleet let alone operate them,” says New Zealand First Defence Spokesperson Ron Mark.

“The cost is really our point because ‘budgetary limitations’ would likely land us with only two or maybe three C17’s”

“Worse, if we purchased only a couple of C17’s, it is more likely these aircraft would combine with the Royal Australian Air Force in what our Prime Minister would talk up as some ‘ANZAC squadron’. This would see 40 squadron go the same way as 75 squadron”

“It is cut, cut, cut in terms of operational capability, but above all, operational flexibility”


“There is no question the C17 is a magnificent strategic airlift aircraft but our needs are tactical not strategic

Antartica – Been there done it

ice me

Best not be calling me a liar – All I got in this life is my word and my balls and I don’t break em for nobody!!!

“That’s why I couldn’t believe hearing Labour’s Phil Goff on the radio praising this Defence Force enquiry. Labour systematically disarmed our armed forces while National has not lifted a single finger to restore any lost capability.”

Rat faced stooge Phil Goff – How much did boeing put in your back pocket to say that???

Draken International, which provides military training, last year picked up the Skyhawks for $7.9 million and has found the planes are in superb condition. They’ve got years of life left in their airframes and the radar and electronics aboard are among the best in the world”

TREASON!!! NZ’s A4 Skyhawks of No 75 Squadron. Sold for a song

“We wasted hundreds of millions buying too many Light Armoured Vehicles”

Oh Yeah – Been there done it too

“We then bought hugely expensive NH90 helicopters and in fewer numbers than the Iroquois they replaced. Even then, we scrimped on automated folding rotors so taking the NH90’s to sea isn’t easy on that North Sea ferry design they used for the Canterbury”


“Labour also squandered $226 million extending the life of our C130’s instead of going for new or modern aircraft via United States’ Department of Defense stock”

USAP USAF Air National Guard Herc C130 Coming In Hot!!!

“That would have been much cheaper and better given our youngest Hercules was delivered back in 1969. We must ensure our five old C130’s are replaced with at least five airlifters

Any of you assholes heard of the boneyard???

“New Zealand First is pledging to put the arms back into our armed forces and you’ll hear much more about this over 2015,” says Mr Mark


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