Band of Brotha’s Pt1: Gerry Brownlee Relieved of Command

May have to watch on youtube due to copywrite


NZ1st Winston Peters [Soon to be PM] as Col Sink

NZ1st Ron Mark [Soon to be Deputy/Future PM] as Cpt Winters

NZ 1st Darroch Ball as Lt Nixon

V.C Willie Apiata [Future NZ MOD] as Lt Speirs

Current MOD Gerry ‘Fat Boi’ Brownlee as Lt Dyke

Scene opens

The dogs and fogs of war.   MOD Brownlee leads the War effort.  NZ Defence department goes to war in Iraq, ill lead and with equipment from the Vietnam War…

1 min:  Attack stalls under MOD Gerry Brownlee

1.15 min: Ron Mark can already see the attack is doomed to failure

Chaos, confusion start to set in.  Casualties and fear grip the men

1.40 min: Contradictory orders start being ordered.

SNAFU – ISIS gain the initiative

2.20 min:  Soldier – What’s the plan???

MOD Gerry Brownlee – I don’t know I don’t know….You take your men to Iraq but don’t you get involved in any combat!!!

Soldiers – WTF???  You do know it’s a warzone and ISIS are operating brazenly there…You want a company to take on IS by themselves??? We’re gonna be pretty exposed out there!!!

MOD Gerry Brownlee: We will provide suppressing fire!!! [Throws his toys]

[Soldiers proceed to make the best of a bad situation and carry out their duty and follow orders]

4.00 min MOD Gerry Brownlee cracks under the pressure

4.10 min Ron Mark can no longer take watching his men being led by an incompetent chicken hawk and attempts to join the action

4.15 min Winston Peters verbally reprimands him and reminds him of his duty

4.24 min Ron Mark orders V.C Apiata to relieve MOD Gerry Brownlee of his command and lead the attack himself

4.30 min V.C Apiata is unflinching in his duty and charges off through a hail of lead

4.54 min V.C Apiata relieves MOD Gerry Brownlee of his command.  Accesses the situation.  Issues his orders then leads the attack from the front himself.  The soldiers rally up and follow him

6.30 min  The men look on in awe at their new CO.

ISIS fallback


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