Operation Westwin Pt1: GSMEACSF Warning Order

GROUND:  Worldwide

SITUATION:  The world sits on a knife edge.   WW3, Collapse of Oil prices, Rise of terminator machines, War for profit, false-flags, mass immigration, genocide, poverty, hate, pollution and radiation[fukishima].

The stakes could not be higher. In short EVIL rips and hacks at the earth and threatens to destroy the entire human race.

The dogs of war have been unleased by sociopathic genocidal banksters and babarians and must be brought under control.

MISSION:  Save the entire world for this generation and future generations

ENEMY:  Babarism and Sociopathic Banksters/Criminal Elite

ACTION:  Operation Oliver Pt1: Operation Westwin Pt2

Pt1 Operation Oliver  https://r1016132.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/chiraq-operation-oliver-pt-1-gsmeacs/

Pt2 Operation Westwin:  Train the NZ Army{Note the NZ Army is currently run by gutless tin generals} to build roads, housing, infrastructure, grow food crops


Fly contingents of allied nation armies to NZ along with babarians living within their borders and train them to a professional standard.

Repatriate babarians to home countries with allied nations in support to provide security and help re-build war-torn and poverty stricken nations.

COMMAND:  NZ Security Council {Note currently in the hands of corrupt gutless commie SOB’s}

NZ’s future Minister of Defence… https://r1016132.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/ngati-tumatauenga-needs-you/

V.C Willie Apiata


Yankies you haven’t won a war for generations.  Your Crony Capitalists financed the NAZI’s, the Commie’s, and ISIS

Time for Team America to clean house and ride in the backseat

SIGNALS:  Keep it simple, RSA, church and iwi groups, internet, word of mouth.  USE YOUR INITIATIVE!!!

FINANCE:  The worlds wealth rests in the hands of less than 1% of the criminal mafia bankster paedo dons.  Nuremberg War Crimes charges, trials, and confiscation of ill gotten gains

Wanted DOA For Crimes Against Humanity

You lot have the blood of millions and the blood of my ancestors on your hands…





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