Wishing The Troops A Merry Xmas

A special shout out to the crew of 5 Squadron.  I know it’s been a long and tough year.

Prime Minister John Key says a Royal New Zealand Air Force P3 Orion will soon be joining the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

“The Malaysian Government has accepted the New Zealand offer to join the international search and rescue effort, and I will be talking to Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib tonight to reinforce that New Zealand stands firmly alongside Malaysia at this challenging time” says Mr Key.

“The aircraft departed yesterday and, after a stop-off in Darwin, will arrive in Malaysia later today.  It is expected to join the multi-national search and rescue mission.

“The New Zealand aircraft will be based at the Butterworth air base in Penang along with two Australian P3 planes.  They are likely to assist Malaysian authorities by searching the sea areas North of Malaysia.


Air Force P3 Orion has mission extended in Gulf of Arabia a further 12 months to Dec 2015

The Royal New Zealand Air Force P3 Orion aircraft which has been supporting counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Arabia has had its mission extended for a further 12 months, Defence Minister Chickenhawk Gerry Brownlee says.

As part of a detachment to the United States Naval Forces Central Command, the aircraft will contribute to a range of maritime security operations.


New Zealand is rebuilding defence ties to Fiji, with aerial surveillance and officer training set to resume early next year.

“They have been very warm to the approaches we made and are keen to re-engage but they have also said ‘we were out in the cold for eight years and during that time China, India and Malaysia filled a gap’ and they are not going to walk away from that simply because we are back on the scene” Fat Boi G.B


The RNZAF took delivery of five P-3B Orions in 1966 (NZ4201 – NZ4205). In 1985 an ex-RAAF P-3B was purchased (NZ4206).

One for the single blokes

Wish I could give  more but am flat broke

Ya’ll have yourself a Merry Xmas.  That’s an order!!!


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