CHIRAQ – Operation Oliver Pt 1: GSMEACS Warning Order

GROUND:  Your local neighbourhood

SITUATION:  Crimewave…And hate-crimes…Caused by Government Social Engineering and Economic Mismanagement…Has made or will soon make your neighbourhood unsafe and un-liveable

MISSION:  Operation Oliver

ENEMY: Un-civilized babarians, government social engineering, despair, hopelessness

ACTION: Prepare yourself and your family to survive the current crimewave,  economic uncertainty, possible economic collapse, and the onslaught that is sure to follow

NZ Defence Force – Why haven’t you ripped up those golf courses on base yet???

COMMAND:  Rally up with neighbours, local Vets, Returned Servicemen, current and ex police, tradesmen, local representatives, businesses, reformed criminals in your local area

SIGNALS: Keep it simple, RSA, church and iwi groups, internet, word of mouth.  USE YOUR INITIATIVE!!!

I feel lost and confused, I’ve been around, I’ve played the fool
I’ve gotta find a way, this time the pressures on
Can’t see the gold, my friend is gone
Life ain’t what it used to be, its such a terrible thing,
When you feel life aint worth living
And ya just treading water
But this time I must be strong
Read the signs to find my way home, from the edge of the border

Heaven knows, what life may bring
There could be blue skies through the rain
And I know that I must find my way
So come on, help me to realese my soul today
Won’t you help me, help me through this pain
Cuts like a knife, burns like acid rain
So come on, help me to realese my soul
Nobody knows, which way, which road to go

From all this pain, what could be found?
Cried my tears into the ground
Angel, won’t you save me?
And the seeds of hope and soul
Come to see the grass that’s grown
Still I stand here, feeling empty.
Ive been living in fear, but i’m movin on
Still I’m standing here, life will go on.

Heaven knows, what life may bring
I have a feeling, you will feel the acid sting
Help me, to release my soul today
Help me, Help me, Help me
Help me,


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