Pete D – The Biggest Dealer In The Land

Peter Dunne Street Name Pete D – I run rings round the coppa’s Yo

“Prime Minister John Key says advice was sought from the Cabinet Office over whether Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne had a conflict of interest on the synthetic cannabis issue.

Fairfax Media confirmed a few weeks ago that Dunne’s son James, a lawyer at Chen Palmer, was a lawyer and lobbyist on behalf of the synthetic cannabis industry.

Key confirmed today the relationship had been checked with the Cabinet Office, which saw no issue”

I got every politician and coppa in my pocket, and got my product on every corner in the land, even sells to the kids…


Grows in soil – just add water and sunlight – Useful in the treatment of cancer patients, PTSD, anger management – Zero overdoses in recorded history – WARNING HIGHLY ADDICTIVE šŸ™‚

Cannabis laws and penalties

Penalties associated with cannabis range from a $500 fine for possession to a 14 year jail term for its supply or manufacture.

Cultivation of cannabis, including to sow or plant it, can, on indictment, result in a 7 year jail term or an immediate 2 years jail term and/or $2,000 fine (depending on the amount).

What???Ā  Is it a crime to make money in this commie country???

Guess Pete D doesn’t like competition andĀ itĀ ain’t likeĀ the coppa’s got nothing better to do with their time…

You’re mad coz I smoked dope???

You teaching any classes in how to cope???


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