Andrew Little – Stooge Sells Out Freedom In Time For Xmas

Labour Stooge In Chief

New terrorism surveillance laws have passed under Urgency this evening.

After completing the second reading and the committee stage following Question Time, the third reading of the Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill was held with the bill divided into three bills. All passed by 94 to 27 with the Greens, NZ First and the Maori Party opposed with the bill divided into three bills.

Hmm let’s have a look at Labours stooge in chief

“Studied philosophy, law, and public policy at Victoria University. He served as president of Victoria’s student association and was twice elected NZUSA president.”

Wow what an accomplishment {Sarc}

“His first job was as a solicitor for the Engineers Union (later EPMU), working on employment law and ACC issues. Appointed national secretary of the EPMU in 2000 he led negotiations with a number of major companies and developed a focus on high productivity work practices based on strong worker engagement. He was elected president of the Labour party in 2009 and has served on the boards of VUW, TEC, and WITT -Taranaki Polytechnic”

Oohh lawyer stooge….Sue me. 

Not trade qualified, never done a days labour in his life.  Never worked the dock.  No military service.  No volunteer work.  Never built or run a business of his own.


“While at Vic he flatted with actress Robyn Malcolm.”

Wow just wow….what a claim to fame.

“His work as a lawyer and union secretary demonstrated the need for government to be focused on both wealth creation and fair wealth distribution.”

Yup confirmed commie.

“In 2012 he gained widespread attention for performing the Gangnam Style dance in the House during the first reading of the Statutes Amendment Bill.”


Seriously where do they get these people from???


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