Andrew Glendinning – An Honest Coppa With Gravel In His Guts!!!

“Police top brass have admitted mistakes were made when the detective who blew the whistle on his drug-dealing boss was investigated, before focus turned to his colleague”

“A Herald inquiry revealed in September last year that the detective who blew the whistle on Blowers, who was his supervisor, was himself investigated before his concerns were taken seriously.

Andrew Glendinning became suspicious of Blowers’ behaviour and tailed him on visits to the home of a woman before handing a dossier – which included covert photographs – to senior management in Northland.

But the actions of Mr Glendinning, not Blowers, were investigated first.

He was removed from the organised crime squad and placed under strict supervision while being subjected to an internal code-of-conduct inquiry.”

Bloke took on the might of the dis – Organised Crime Squad and the criminal underworld to expose corruption.

While I think the War On Drugs is a pointless losing war for the police, and society as a whole, I hold honest coppa’s like Mr Glendinning in the highest regard.

Police brass needs to pull finger on this one!

Mr Glendinning stepped up, put it all on the line, and went well above the call of duty.

Bloke deserves a gong for bravery!!!


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