Rules of Engagement

Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga

The public face of ISIS in NZ. Currently under John Keys protection

“I’m not tellin’ you to shoot somebody
But if somebody try to shoot you shoot ’em
Don’t waste time, lil’ n***** just do it
Any n**** out of order must be serviced

See now now you hesitatin’ boy you makin’ me nervous

Got a itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy trigger finger n****
So if you hit me and you get me I’ll be back to get ya
Man I might bring the homies in, that’s if it’s necessary
See you might not be worried but I think you should worry

Them bullets come in flurries next thing you know you’re buried
Yeah, I do away with nine n***** in nine days
My nine sprays, when it don’t go my way
Hold it sideways, fuck around ’cause a crime wave”

50 Cent


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